… After an hour and a half on this brutal commute from work to the hospital, I finally arrive at 4:30 pm. I am not familiar with this strange place in the suburbs of the city.  While searching for parking, rush hour traffic weaves its way through narrow streets making me more on edge and a wall of buildings on each side are reaching out to devour me into a place of oblivion.

Eventually I enter into the parking structure which is almost completely full but I find my parking space on level four.  Once parked I open the car door and I’m bombarded with relentless noise from everywhere around me; cars racing by, the echo of tires screeching at every turn in the parking structure, airplanes flying overhead, non-stop chattering voices, doors opening and closing, footsteps pounding as people walk to and from their cars.  It’s hot and I feel uneasy, I wipe the perspiration from my forehead as I gather my senses and become acquainted with these new surroundings.   All I want right now is peace and stillness so my mind can calm the nagging pressure of thoughts that my son is very ill.  Not wanting to face anyone, or anything that would require my attention, I opt to take the stairs down to the first level.   Slowly descending and with each step, I have succumbed to the fear growing inside me – it owns me now.   I stare down at my feet and notice gum stuck to the steps.  I see myself as that gum permanently glued to the floors of hell.

I make it to ground level in one piece but suddenly I am face to face with the very place that terrifies me.  The hospital building is several stories high which, in the afternoon, blocks the sun and creates a feeling of dusk for several hours.   This time of year the sun sets later in the evening, but it is only 4:30 and the premature sunset has imprisoned me adding to the already darkness that penetrated my life force.  I enter the building wondering if anyone around knows where I’m going.  I head toward a less obvious section of the lobby, off to the side and down a hallway, to a solitary elevator.  The button lights up when I push it and the doors slowly open.

I step into the “Twilight Zone” which takes me to my final destination, the mental ward…

(¯`´¯) ..•*¨`*.•
 ´*.¸.*´  Peace & Light

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