Every 28 Days

Every 28 Days

For the past 15 years, my son has endured and survived the most difficult challenges of his life.  During the early years in his hell, he dealt with suicide attempts but never succeeded.  He knew something horrid was invading his brain and, once past the suicidal tendencies, he desperately needed to find out what’s going on so he could fight it.  Together we found the right doctors, therapists, and treatment.

Today he receives a monthly anti-psychotic injection to subdue the symptoms of Schizophrenia.
Mediation: Invega Sustenna
Dosage: 78MG

and a daily dose of Zoloft, 100MG, for depression.

The injection and anti-depressant is but a small component of the challenges he faces everyday to combat his illness.  So far, so good.  Words can’t describe my admiration for his bravery.  His strength has allowed him to live his passion and nothing will stop him.

Below is a recent post that he added to his FaceBook page and I want to share it.


“It’s funny, I’ve been getting this little guy for almost 5 years of my life every 28 days, before him one every 2 weeks for 6 years.

My son receives monthy injections to subdue the symptoms of Schizophrenia.

With its help I walk a very fine line letting me be the man I want to be, one with passion and imagination. Before I started them, I was living in hell and in the darkest of places.

Well here’s to you, I’ll take it in the hip again and I’ll see you in 28 days!”

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