Cheers…to you doctors!

Cheers…to you doctors!

Here is an example of the power of love between two special people in my life. And the strength of one individual who has consistently taken control of the never ending battle with schizophrenia.

“Roughly this time, 14 years ago, I had lost my way after being told I could never live as a normal person by doctors. But my grandfather told me I am strong and I can do better, and since then, I fought myself on every battlefield I needed to get to my dreams.

This first year of academic grad school has been tougher than I had imagined, but today I stopped at the edge of failure, and now my path to the stars is open and I have the momentum to reach them. For the first time since January, I can breathe the sigh of relief and I’m fortified for the storm to come this semester.

Thanks grandpa, for daring me to endure.” — Leo.

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