Dismantling our Mental Health System

Dismantling our Mental Health System

Today is a sad day, the U.S. Senate introduced a draft of the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) of 2017. Like the American Health Care Act passed by the House on May 4th, the bill would:

  • Allow states to drop coverage of mental illness from insurance plans; and
  • Dramatically cut Medicaid, a program that helps children and adults with serious mental illness get better and stay better.

“I live with major depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder and ADD. My mental health providers are my main support. I really can’t afford to have any of my assistance programs taken away …
It would be devastating.”
– Vivian

Today’s bill would result in millions of Americans like Vivian losing mental health coverage at a time when our nation is already facing a mental health crisis.

We need to improve, not dismantle, our mental health system.

Please donate to NAMI so they can continue to support the needs of people with mental illness.

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